Outdoor event stage at sunset

It Begins with a Dream …

outdoor sound stage set up and ready

The roar of the crowd, the rush of excitement. Picture yourself here, anticipating.

The rush of excitement. The roar of the crowd. Professional audio and video capture of live action in real time, streaming instantly to smart phones and mobile devices everywhere.

No more waiting for “big names” to recognize your talent, lend you a platform, or tell your story for you. You are the reporter; you are the star. You are the audience. You are the producer, the director, the entrepreneur.

You are MastrMynd™.

… That Becomes a Reality

Artist Alex making a recording inside a MastrMynd MMPU

Living the Dream inside a MastrMynd MMPU studio.

… where you are in control. No contract moguls looking to scoop up the lion’s share of your profits. No special-interest biases to micro-manage the stories you have to tell. With MastrMynd the power to produce is in your hands. You control the means of production. You decide what songs to sing, what stories to tell, empowered with the tools and technology at your fingertips to create your own professional-quality multi-media venue.

Produce your own music. Broadcast live concerts and dance parties. Host your own underground club on the road, or document your travels in live podcasts on your own website. Restore integrity to journalism with your own investigative reporting. Launch your own independent news outlet, reporting on the issues and action that matter most to your community. Create your own movie scores while traveling to the right locations to shoot your own scripts.  The possibilities are endless.

Explore your own mobile, multimedia studio

Cutting-edge, state-of-the-art equipment for web and graphics production, video production and audio production.  Pocketed soundproof doors divide each safely wired and thoroughly insulated station. The power of an entire broadcast studio in your hands, ready to roll to any destination, any time. The empowerment of professional-quality multi-media production just became accessible to you, your organization, and your community to tell the stories that matter to you, express yourselves in your own ways.

MastrMynd is personal and community empowerment. MastrMynd is a new generation of alternative media at your fingertips. MastrMynd is a new rhythm of vitality to the tune of a brilliant future.

MastrMynd™. Feel the Wonder.


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