Meet Douglas Lennard

photo of Doug Lennard smiling, with flag and white house in the background.

Douglas Lennard, the Mastermind behind MastrMynd.

Douglas Lennard is the visionary architect and pioneer of the multimedia revolution called MastrMynd. MastrMynd is a mobile, full event production and broadcast solution. With the ability to produce music, film, video, graphic designs, web programming, live concerts and broadcast ALL of this content directly to your cell phone, iPad, Desk Top computer, or laptop; MastrMynd is the new television production and broadcast format for the future. MastrMynd can host, produce, and broadcast, any event to social media by allowing the concert participants to post directly to their Facebook or Twitter accounts hereby leveraging the live experience directly into social media from any location. MastrMynd has been in existence since October 2000.

With an Honorable Discharge and a background in Electricity from the U.S. Navy, Douglas was equipped to design, build, and patent the MastrMynd prototype. As a Series 7 General Securities Stock Broker, the exposure to multi-trillion dollar corporations on the stock market allowed Douglas to position himself for developing a world class product for the stock market. This product is MastrMynd.With MastrMynd, Douglas is focused on changing the image of our America. MastrMynd will be able to deliver consistent, positive events and opportunities in our society through MastrMynd TV’s online programming.

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